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I uploaded a video of in-game footage, menu’s, game-actions (including conditions) and transitions working :)

Needs waaay more content, opponents and animations still, but its come a long way in the last few days already.
Sooo much fun to work on. Hoping Daniel will come up with some good content, guess he’s better at that than me.

Leave some comments if you liked it, the movements are completely smooth, they just appear jerky in the video.

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Just started working on a 2D game for windows as part of this semesters course work for Games Engineering. Looks really exciting, came up with a very rough preview of what the grid may look like:

GIMP screenshot of a 384x384 tile-grid.

This is gonna be so much fun.. I do have to brush up on those graphics though… hehe, well I’m a programmer, not a designer, but oh well, maybe Daniel is better at that.

There’s more information at Assembla.com



I finally have my own TLD, including wiki, blog, proper email address and all the niceties that come along with it. I’m going to use this space to post updates as I go along.

I hope you’re likin’ it, if you do, I’d appreciate if you could drop me a comment :)

Be seein’ you soon,


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